5 Non-Dice SoR Cards That Could Make a Splash

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Hey guys, this is DHaus from The Jedi Trials podcast. Like many of you, I attended a couple Spirit of Rebellion preview events this past weekend. Though I had seen many of the English and non-English spoilers (Looking at you, Poland!), I really never saw a lot of the non-dice cards… the events, supports, and even some upgrades that don’t have dice associated with them. So with every new pack that I opened, I found myself OOH-ing and AHH-ing at some of the new toys. With that said, here are 5 of those non-dice cards that I believe could have a significant impact and I will have my eye on (in no particular order). While there are others that are clearly good, they have been talked about at length. These are a few that haven’t seen as much air-time…yet!

5) My Ally Is The Force

105-my-ally-is-the-force 5 Non-Dice SoR Cards That Could Make a Splash

This is a 2-cost blue hero event that has Ambush and says simply: “Resolve one of your blue dice without removing it from your pool.” At first glance this might not seem significant, but take a deeper look and you’ll be crying out HOLY COW like the late great Harry Caray (Go Cubs). Basically it looks like this: Luke rolls out a 3. If your opponent doesn’t remove it, you drop down MAITF, hit them for 3, and then with Ambush, hit them for 3 again for a total of 6 damage! You may have your doubts and you’re sitting there thinking, “Sure, but how often does a 3 show up?” Even if you’re just getting the 2, that’s still turning it into 4. Or if you have a modifier showing (like a 2 and +2 from a Lightsaber), you can hit them for a total of 6. In this game, any time you can cheat damage, that’s a good thing. A late Backup Muscle, a timely Willpower, or the new Synchonicity, all do this really well. This could end up being the hero version of No Mercy, only you don’t have to give up your hand to do it. And don’t forget, this could work great for non-damage sides as well, such as focus and discard sides. Blue hero has a LOT of focus. Even if you don’t need the focus twice, this card allows you to focus another die, and then with Ambush, you can just resolve that die, similar to using an All In with Ackbar’s double focus. I like this one!

4) Cheat

143-cheat 5 Non-Dice SoR Cards That Could Make a Splash

This is a 1-cost yellow neutral event that says: “Switch a card in your hand with a card in your discard pile.” Wait… what?! Any card?! There’s no spot a yellow character here or really any bad side… Just grab whatever you want! In other words, go grab that Second Chance you just burned and REALLY drive your opponent crazy. You could really drop some shenanigans here with Jyn Erso and Infamous. Jyn allows you to play it for free, Infamous gives it ambush, so whatever card you do get, you can play it right away. Maybe that’s as as simple as an Electroshock, or maybe it’s a full-out Reversal to use on Vader’s 3 melee. Whatever it is, this is bound to lead to some crazy plays!

3) Swiftness

139-swiftness 5 Non-Dice SoR Cards That Could Make a Splash

This is a 1-cost grey neutral event that has Ambush, and says: “Give the next card you play this turn the Ambush keyword.” I love cards that let you cheat out actions. Though this one will be extremely situational, it gives every color on both sides the opportunity to make some big combo-like plays. As I mentioned above, one of my favorite cards in the game is All In when combined with focus on the table. It allows you to resolve NOW what your opponent thought was happening two or more actions from now. One of my friends threw this in his Han/Rey deck for the pre-release tournament and was able to take a shield-less Han, play Unpredictable, then Swiftness, then one more card (which had ambush to give Han his 3rd shield), into a Riposte for 3 damage and the win. That’s just insane! Han is going to love this thing!

2) Lockdown

063-lockdown 5 Non-Dice SoR Cards That Could Make a Splash

This is a 0-cost red villain event that has Ambush and says, “Spot two red characters to take control of the battlefield (This does not claim the battlefield).” This card is made for Krennic. It gives him access to that free Death Trooper die, but it also allows you to play cards like Dug In and We Have Them Now (which would be a nice card to play following Swiftness, as mentioned above!). It also PREVENTS your opponent from playing those timely Dug In’s, Defensive Positions, and other powerful cards that are battlefield dependent. As an avid Leia/Ackbar player since December, I can tell you that this card terrifies me. I need the battlefield at key moments, and the idea that it can be taken from me for 0 cost is not a fun one. I like that the developers are continuing to engage the battlefield mechanic and are making it more and more important to be the player who controls it.

1) Caution

100-caution 5 Non-Dice SoR Cards That Could Make a Splash

This is a 0-cost blue hero event that says, “Remove one of your character dice to give another character 3 shields.” At one of the pre-release events, I vowed to my friends that if I pulled a character, I would build and play a deck around that character, no matter how good it would be! I pulled Chirrut. Unsure of what to do with 1 die Chirrut, I threw him in with elite Qui Gon. Wanting to make the most of the new SOR cards, I threw a copy of Caution in as well. It was a blast rolling in Chirrut, knowing that even if he rolled the modified sides, I could just play Caution and give Qui-Gon 3 shields, sometimes pinging a damage to my opponent. This is basically a free Dug In at the simple cost of one die. I can see this being played to great effect in any SkyBar decks (eLuke/Ackbar), where Ackbar’s die is fairly unnecessary. If you’re playing against blue hero, watch out for this one!

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