A Brand New Destiny

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swd04_booster_left A Brand New Destiny

Welcome to a brand new Star Wars Destiny! With each set comes new cards, new characters, and brand new ways to play the game. I do want to give credit where it’s due and say that Lukas and his team have crafted an incredible experience for gamers and Star Wars fans. There are many collectable/trading card games on the market, but this captures something very unique with a very powerful brand attached. I love this game and I love what we are seeing Fantasy Flight Games do with the beloved franchise, they are creating a world where we can jump in and experience these epic battles inside Star Wars itself. And this new set is bringing some amazing options and choices for players to look at and experience for themselves. I am excited as we get closer to the release of SoR to begin talking about cards I believe we will not only see in the meta, but cards that are opening the game wide open for people to play the game in whole new ways.

Human, Cyborg Relations

swd04_c-3po A Brand New Destiny

Hero players have been clamoring for new cards to give them an edge in combat, economy, and whatever they can get against the galactic empire. Well C-3PO is a very strong answer for that call. This card is a very interesting choice because of his thematic setting along with his mechanical build. His die is not specifically unique, with a stronger lean towards resource production, he gives hero decks what they desperately needed, flexibility. Don’t get me wrong, red decks are powerful and have some of the best focus producing die faces in the game. But if you think about red Hero decks, they lack being able to do what they need when they need it without help from another color. Red decks now have the potential to turn any numbered die into anything they need with this one-drop support. This opens up a world of choices for Hero players, but it opens up new ideas and fun ways to play that were not available in Awakenings.

If you run a deck with lots of damage but little resource creation, this card can turn those numbers into money. If you want to run a mill/choke deck you now can! This card lets you surprise your opponents because you now have access to anything at any point while this die is in your pool. As I have said before on the Knights of Ren podcast, this set is making life for control players very difficult. This die, even on a blank, is a major threat because of what it can do in synergy with anything else in your die pool!  I love what this can do for decks because you have the option to run dice with whatever symbol you want and you’ll still be able to use them well with the rest of the deck. Keep an eye out for C-3PO decks and have fun building them yourself. This is a fantastic filter for keeping your opponent on their toes and giving you lots of options in battle.


Keeping Secrets Safe

swd04_blackmail A Brand New Destiny

Blackmail is one of those cards that has a lot of value built into its design but it takes a little gameplay to really see just how powerful it is. When you roll this die any opponent may choose to give you 1 resource to remove the die. Ok, so that means on initial roll or any re-roll your opponent can choose to pay 1 buck to remove the die. This also means you will always see a +2 swing in economy if your opponent decides to bribe off your die roll.  Having an opponent lose 1 resource may not seem like a big deal but if you remember Local Garrison from Awakenings, you pay 3 for a support that reduces the opponent’s resource generation by 1 per turn. This is not the same card, but it can threaten your opponent enough to be very similar. Obviously if your opponent has no money they won’t be able to stop your rolls. But imagine this on Jabba and you roll out the 3 discard side and the opponent decided to pay you off to remove the die. You made 1 resource and got a lot of information just from that decision. Your opponent obviously has cards in their hand they don’t want to lose and they believe they can play them soon. This can help you put pressure on their resources and cards in hand to cripple their strategy. Or you might be able to determine they are holding onto events that you can remove with Probe or Friends In Low Places.

Blackmail is very interesting to me because its a very powerful resource choking card, but you can also gain valuable information from the opponent whether they remove the die or don’t. It gives Villains some powerful reach into economy disruption while getting a peek into what the opponent has planned based on their decisions. This is something players can appreciate because the information you can get is not clearly built into the card’s effect text. Sure you might not get all the reads correct, but the card does give you a lot more bang for your buck than it initially appears on first glance. And this is attributed to the fact that Destiny’s skill ceiling is as high as you want it to be, and I find that beautiful.


Remember Those Old Cards?

002-fn-2199-e1491350925668 A Brand New Destiny

One thing I love about Magic/YuGiOh/Pokemon and many card games is when older themes/decks get support to bring them back to life. Now Destiny is not old by any means and there is not really a deck this character is bringing to life. But the weapon slot in decks has never really been taken advantage of to the fullest extent. Sure staples like Kylo’s Lightsaber and Holdout Blaster see a lot of play, but what about cards like Infantry Grenades? This character opens up many options for decks to use the little known weapons and deal some significant damage with good rolls and some dice filtering.

FN-2199 brings to life cards we haven’t seen before in this way and this character will only get better with each set. This excites me because we are getting cards and characters early in the life of the game that will always be valued and playable as the game grows older and more cards are released. Players have already begun to craft the “20 weapon” deck using lots of weapons from all the colors and sets and that sounds like a lot of fun to play already. FN-2199 is a really interesting take on Destiny because this card has an effect similar to Finn that affects game play AND deck construction at the same time. This is something I believe if FFG uses more, we will see a truly immersive game with many possibilities of how decks are built and games are played.


Never Know What To Expect

swd04_training A Brand New Destiny

Training is a powerful card, it opens up more decks to stronger dice choices and makes things hard to gauge for the opponent when you sit down and begin your first game. What Training does is something we really don’t see in many games, bringing items from outside the game into the game. Now of course games have used this mechanic before but Destiny does things in a way that gives the player some seriously unique choices and ways to use this card. The way Training is worded states ” attached character is elite”. This kind of wording allows the player to make decks with Death Troopers or Rebel Commandos add +1 dice and get some seriously strong benefits from a 2-cost upgrade. But the more interesting combo I am looking into is playing this card and then moving it to say a single die Luke Skywalker or Obi-Wan Kenobi with the new Cargo Hold battlefield.

152-cargo-hold A Brand New Destiny

Now I am not saying this is for sure, but I have to ask the question, if you move this off a red non-unique character to say a single die Luke for example, he would become elite right? The card states “attached character is elite” and the play restriction is only when the card goes from hand to field.  This may or may not work, and might even get an errata, but I find it interesting how so many cards can work together to make the game totally different than what it appears to be. Not even using Cargo Hold to move cards around, Training is a card you have to prepare yourself for when playing against Red non-unique characters now. Adding another character die is sometimes better than any upgrade card in the current sets, plus it keeps your opponent on their toes with removal now that you have a much more efficient character on deck. This works especially well with characters who have a special symbol because now you have access to one more die and one more chance to resolver that special effect.

Rebellions Are Built On Hope

This new set is amazing. The new cards will breathe a new life into the game and create some amazing choices for casual and competitive players alike. I am very excited to get my hands on the new set and begin to play games and meet new people and make new friends. But most of all I am excited to see so many new ideas and mechanics expressed in this game. FFG has done something so amazing with Destiny and they have continued with new cards, new ideas, new builds and new ways to experience and play the game. This is really a blessing for the players because we are going to see a lot of new decks rise up and old decks change their play styles to stick around, even perhaps begin to see variants of decks with similar cores but slightly different flavors. Best of all I am excited to meet new friends and create new stories as we play Destiny together.