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Asking “What If?”

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Games of Star Wars: Destiny are influenced by cards, dice, and decisions made by a player or their opponent inside a game and out. When testing out your deck, trying new things, or working on improving your strategy, it’s important to ask questions. But not just any questions; the RIGHT questions.

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Knights of Ren 216 “Forget The Explosion, Look At The Color”

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Star Wars Celebration has come and gone and we have a packed show with interviews from Zach Bunn at Team Covenant as well as Lukas Litszinger covering the newly announced Empire at War set and the new Sabine card revealed at the FFG panel. With a special guest voice intro and some FFG full art promos to giveaway this week, strap in and get ready as we jump into hyperspace with a fully loaded show!

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Crafting Your Destiny

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Sugi from the Knights of Ren podcast hits us with another article in the lead-up to Spirit of Rebellion. Star Wars: Destiny is quite a unique game in the CCG space, and so he challenges us to think differently about how we play it.

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A Brand New Destiny

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Welcome to a brand new Star Wars Destiny! With each set comes new cards, new characters, and brand new ways to play the game, and Spirit of Rebellion does not disappoint! I am excited to begin talking about cards I believe we will not only see in the meta, but cards that are opening the game wide open for entirely new ways to play.

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Knights of Ren 214 “One-Quarter Portion”

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Spirit of Rebellion Pre-Release weekend has come and gone and we sit down to discuss all the new cards, decks and fun stuff we saw over the weekend. Jay, Rick and Sugi discuss the cards they pulled and how they were able to incorporate them into their decks. We also cover some of the cards we are excited to see once SoR is released officially and the Hero cards we are excited to play and build decks around. With so many major events coming up in the next month we are excited to get an interview with Aaron from Stele Open to discuss what the event is all about and what fun things players can experience including Destiny and the cool custom prize support.

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Knights of Ren 213 “Save The Rebellion. Save The Dream.”

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  Spoilers and guests from FFG, this week is packed with lots of content! We are joined this week by Jeremy Zwern, one of the designers for Destiny, as we start off by discussing the four spoilers they sent over from HQ. Then we dive into play testing, card pool/card design, how FFG looks at balancing cards and Jeremy’s thoughts on Force Speed. We also discuss cards coming up, design theories and cards the Knights would like to see in future sets. So strap in and bypass your hyperspace compressors because this is going to be a wild ride. We…

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