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Knights of Ren 205 “You’re A Dead Man Solo”

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eBala-Tik/Jango/Trooper deck discussion this week with the Knights of Ren. Jay recaps his win at a 30 player event and we cover all the cards in the deck in detail. We also cover playstyles and discuss specific matchups against Vader/Raider, Jango/Veers, Jabba/Dooku, Luke/Ackbar and a couple rogue decks. You don’t want to miss out on this week’s coverage of one of the best decks in the meta, how to build it, play it and understand its strengths and weaknessess in any given matchup.

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Knights of Ren EP 204 “You Are A Bold One”

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Special guest Corey Konieczka joins the Knights of Ren as we discuss his work on Star Wars: Destiny from initial designs to playtesting and current sets. This week we talk about game/card designs and early prototypes as well as ask him questions from our listener’s posts on the Knights of Ren Facebook page and Star Wars Destiny Facebook group. You don’t want to miss out on what Corey has to say about what Destiny used to look like and what card effects used to be a part of early versions of Destiny

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Understanding The Deck

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Star Wars: Destiny like any other trading/collectable card game allows players to find cards they want, build their decks, test, adjust and keep on playing until they find the deck they love. One of the biggest advantages a player can give themselves is understanding their deck. This is a point that not many people attempt to breakdown, but I hope that this article will give players tips to increase their understanding of Destiny and overall gaming experience.

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That’s The Spirit

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Well, Wednesday just got interesting.

Before Christmas, FFG mistakenly sent out a Tweet that blew up the Destiny social media community. They mistakenly announced the new Destiny set, stated it would be Rogue One based and added a url which turned out to be empty at the time. But that was enough to light the touch paper of speculation and rumour.

Today, we were graced with the article that resides at the other end of that phantom link. The announcement that The Spirit of Rebellion, a new set of 160 Star Wars Destiny cards, would be released in the second quarter of this very year.

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Uncommonly Good Cards

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Good question. Are they? At my latest tournament, a fellow player levelled this question at me and I had no credible answer. There are 43 rare cards in the set. There are 43 uncommon cards in the set. You only get one of each in a booster pack. Does that not make them equally rare?

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Carrie Fisher: A Born Leader

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Christmas: A season full of surprises. The best of these are exceptional gifts or visits from friends and relatives. The worst? More Y fronts. But when news broke on Christmas Eve of Carrie Fisher’s heart attack on a plane bound for LA, there was a sense of impending doom. 2016 is already infamous for bad news and celebrity mortality has been a big part of that. Things didn’t look good.

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Knights of Ren EP 114 “Merry Sithmas And Happy New Year”

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Years! On our last show of 2016 we cover 2 deck lists, one budget and one luxury deck for players to tinker with. We also recap they year and thank so many people who have helped contribute to the Destiny community as well as the Knights of Ren podcast. And we have announced where you can get your own Knights of Ren sticker and playmat swag at the end of the show.

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