Brand New Star Wars: Destiny Podcast “The Destiny Council”

in News/The Destiny Council by is proud to be hosting a brand new Star Wars: Destiny podcast called The Destiny Council. The show is made up of some of the best players in the Twin Cities area: Will Klein, Jonathan Magnuson, Andrew Rothermel, and Brian Lindberg.

Check out episode 1 here on YouTube:
The show will be available on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, and all of your favorite podcast platforms soon!

Each of the members of The Destiny Council made the Top 16 at Worlds, here’s a bit more from each of them about the decks they chose to play.

Andrew on his Han Rey build:

Andrew-Rothermel Brand New Star Wars: Destiny Podcast "The Destiny Council"

Often regarded as a deck with high variance, I got started with Han Rey out of an appreciation for the sweet characters and the theme of those characters. My favorite smuggler mentoring my favorite up-and-coming Jedi, the reference of a holdout blaster only sealed the deal. The list solidified after a number of iterations over months of testing. I focus on ramping resources into diversified damage types using Rey’s Staff and Lightsaber to enable Rey’s modifiers and improve consistency. MVP’s include Reversal and Anticipate, both for shock value, as well as reliability in providing and relieving pressure. All in all, I simply love how this list has appeal to the thematic and casual player as well as the ability to compete at the highest level of competition.

Will on his Bala Nightsister Trooper Trooper build:

Will-Klein Brand New Star Wars: Destiny Podcast "The Destiny Council"

I’ve been a Vader Raider player from the inception of the game.  I was a fan of the deck because of its ability to dish out damage purely from the starting characters and it played an amazing dice control game.  As we came to the end of playtesting, our top decks were Poe Rey, Han, Rey, and Phasma Bala Trooper, however, Vader Raider was slipping to our tier 1.5 along with Jabba Dooku.  When we stumbled on the Bala Nightsister 2 Trooper deck, I discounted it at first.  But as we tested, it just kept beating the top tier decks consistently, playing that same control style as Vader, but with much more reliable damage output.  Vader has his bursts, but this new deck always felt like it hummed along at a consistent pace.  BNTT may not have the highest ceiling in the game, but I think it has, by far, the highest floor of any deck in the Awakenings meta.  I expected no Thermal Detonators and that turned out to be the case (I saw only 1 in play when walking around the event all 3 days).  If I had to do it again, I would definitely take this list again. 

Jonathan on his Poe Rey build:

Jonathan-Magnuson Brand New Star Wars: Destiny Podcast "The Destiny Council"

For the most part I ran our standard Poe Rey list.  The biggest difference was the use of All In, which really increases the midgame consistency.  With early focus dice from Jedi Robes and Comlink, you can reliably make use of an All In for guaranteed Poe specials.  Late game, a One With the Force can triple focus for insane burst damage. 

Brian on his Poe Rey build:

Brian-Lindberg Brand New Star Wars: Destiny Podcast "The Destiny Council"

I worked together with Jonathan on this deck.  He brought good insight with the addition of All In and I added It’s a Trap! and Dodge to give us bigger threats as well as answers to the mostly ranged damage metagame.  Even against Vader Raider, I was able to use It’s a Trap! on an opposing Holocron special to turn both of Poe’s dice to specials and deal 8 damage to finish off Vader.