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Can You Feel It?

A brand new set for Star Wars: Destiny is about to hit our stores and tables soon, and I am very excited about what we are going to see hit the tables this weekend. The Spirit of Rebellion meta has run its course with FN and Poe/Maz being the most dominant decks for a while now, but we have this new set PLUS the two player box set to work with for the next few months. As a player, this is a very exciting moment because we actually have more cards than ever before, and a lot of the new stuff is actually very good and opens up some very interesting options for everyone to play around with.

I am very excited for this weekend, as we get all new characters, tools and strategies to tinker and test for the next few months before regionals are upon us. I have brought one of our newest Knights of Ren with me to discuss some of the things we are excited about and expect to see play in the upcoming launch weekend games.


What Decks Are We Excited To Play?

03010 Getting Ready For The Weekend

Tacster – Probably the most interesting character in this set for me is Seventh Sister, as she allows some powerful teams that still have 4 dice while running non elite. I have the idea of trying to play a melee guardian deck with Seventh Sister, Royal Guard, and Gamorrean guard, as the guardian ability will help to be able to ramp out multiple droids on 7th sister. For hero, I am interested in trying out a midranged gun deck staring the new Poe Dameron with a Rebel Trooper and Ezra Bridger. This gives you a guardian ability, and will function similar to awakenings Phasma decks, but with a bit more shields and explosive potential with It’s A Trap.

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Sugi – I have been on the Thrawn hype train since he was first announced, and I am still super excited to play Destiny with this character, who changes the dynamic of gameplay with his thematic and powerful effect. Looking at an opponent’s hand is always powerful because you have full knowledge of the cards in hand, while your opponent has to keep guessing. On top of that, you can declare a number and hopefully remove a card of the declared cost. This allows players to directly attack the most powerful tools of the current aggro meta such as FN (2 for guns, 3 for Z6, and 4 for Rocket Launcher) or Poe (2 for Planetary Uprising, 3 for Thermal Detinator and 5 for U-Wing/Falcon). But you can also declare 0-1 to attack the removal and tricks your opponent might have in their hand (Doubt, He Doesn’t Like You, Boundless Ambition, Electroshock, Hit & Run…). Thrawn gives players looking for a high ceiling deck a chance to open the doors and see just how much mileage this character can give them in battle, and that really excites me.

What Cards Do We Think Will See Play?

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Tacster I think of all cards, Coercion might be the most widely played in the set for yellow villains. This card is so busted in the crazy stuff it can do to your opponent. Taking some of their best cards and forcing them to do unpleasant things with them, like damage their own characters or remove their own dice. For upgrades, I think Ancient Lightsaber is going to be a very powerful tool for blue decks that can provide healing and even protection against mill decks and those pesky Buy Out plays. The fact that it costs 2 resources makes it a strong contender for any blue deck and makes playing Lightsaber Pull feel good.

03029 Getting Ready For The Weekend

Sugi – Y-Wing is the vehicle card that I feel pushes Hero decks to the edge. This card may allow your opponent the choice between damage or disruption, but the value from this effect will ALWAYS be worth 4 of something. With “Its A Trap” and the new Poe, I believe this card is not only fun but viable for tournament quality decks. I’m also super excited for the T-47 Airspeeder, it offers a low cost, good damage output, and a valuable special ability. For 2 resources this card should see play in Hero decks for its power, versatility, and die sides that will always provide some sort of value in your games.


What Should Players Expect To See This Weekend?

03025 Getting Ready For The Weekend

TacsterThe Hera vehicle deck that has been on a lot of people’s minds might be one of the more common decks for release weekend. The only thing that might prevent people from playing this is the sheer amount of legendaries you want to be running in the deck. Thrawn and Unkar (aka Thrawnkar) is another one that has gotten a lot of hype, and I would expect to see several people playing this either as a vehicle based deck or a mill deck. Otherwise, I think there is a good possibility of seeing many different combinations of melee or ranged focused deck using mostly new characters. These will probably perform similar to current melee or ranged aggressive decks. Examples of these include but are certainly not limited to: eCad Bane/eNew Phasma, 7th Sister/eInquisitor, eVader/Magnaguard, eSabine Wren/eEzra, and eMace/Padawan.

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Sugi – One of the reasons FN and Poe decks are so popular is because they get maximum value out of every action, card, and die roll. I believe the Magnaguard is going to see lots of play this weekend because of the value he offers, plus the combo pieces with him are potent and very cost effective for your deck. This character can be loaded up with Electrostaff and/or Praetorian Guard for 2 resources and becomes a monster you’ll have to deal with. I also agree with Tacster that Hera, Thrawn and Unkar will see play since they are very unique decks that offer explosive plays and flexible options in many situations. I am sure Poe/Maz and flavors of FN plus New Kylo/Unkar/Rainbow and other ideas will show up at your locals as well.

Final Thoughts

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TacsterOverall this should be a very fun and exciting time in destiny. Sure there will be some people playing tried and true decks with a few new cards, but don’t fret too much. Play something new (maybe all new characters even), and try to encourage those around you to try new decks. As a final piece of advice, if you want to still succeed on these opening weekend tournaments I would suggest not skimping too much on removal cards, which is something we did see a lot of at the start of Spirit of Rebellion.

SugiThings are coming together and Destiny is going to be more fun than ever with new characters, new upgrades, new events, and a whole new meta to explore. If you’re heading to a local tournament I’d recommend bringing a deck you want to play. Putting together a “tier X” deck you don’t actively like or enjoy will impact your gameplay. Have fun, trade cards and make friends, that is what Destiny is all about! If you’re looking for some online testing or deck/card discussions, we are already building lists on the Knights of Ren Discord and would love to have you join the party:


Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

– Sugi & Tacster

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