Empire At War Card Reveal!

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Hey everyone! SWDESTINY.com is proud to have the opportunity to reveal an upcoming card once again. And man, do we have a fun one!

Let’s start off with an upgrade, the ID9 Seeker Droid, which appears in Star Wars Rebels as utilized by Seventh Sister (more on her later…).

SWD07_Full-Set_eng-29-1 Empire At War Card Reveal!

It’s a 2-cost upgrade with a pretty interesting ability, each value on it’s die is equal to the number of Seeker Droid dice in your pool. The sides are pretty impactful too. Melee damage means it can’t be deflected, which is insanely relevant, focus is always strong, disrupt can be incredibly valuable in a meta game defined by 9s, discard is also quite good against 9s, and sometimes you just need some shields.

Now, with just 1 Seeker Droid die, you’re getting fairly poor value for your investment. When you’re rolling 2 droid dice, the values become a bit of a better deal – and with all base sides, you’re nearly always getting something usable. But what if you could even have more than 2 ID9 Seeker Droid dice in your pool?

That’s where Seventh Sister comes in.

SWD07_Full-Set_eng-19-3 Empire At War Card Reveal!

Well-costed for her stats right off the bat, her ability is where she really gets going. After you activate her, you may roll a Seeker Droid die from your set aside zone into your dice pool. Elite Seventh Sister with no upgrades always rolls three dice. Quite the value for only 14 points. Even at 11 points, she rolls in 2 dice, one of which scales with your Seeker Droid upgrades.

In the most basic dream scenario, you have the 2 Seeker Droid upgrades in play with Elite Seventh Sister and you’re rolling 5 dice with values on the Seeker Droids peaking at 3. But let’s get crazy – each Seeker Droid die you add to the pool is way better than the last, so how many seeker droid dice can we get into our pool at once?

By activating Seventh Sister over and over again with Leadership & The Price Of Failure, adding a new Seeker Droid die to the pool each time, we can get into some really crazy stuff. Fortunately, Empire At War has given us a really cheap leadership enabler with Ciena Ree. So, let’s imagine our characters are Ciena Ree/General Hux/ and Seventh Sister. And our deck is 2 Leadership, 2 Price of Failure, 2 Seeker Droids, and 24 random cards.

In 1 turn, we can get 5 activations out of Seventh Sister. If each brings 1 additional Seeker Droid from the set aside zone, then living the dream means we have 7(!) seeker droid dice in the pool at once. Let’s take our miracle a bit further because if all of those dice are showing melee, they add up to 28 damage! This will never happen (although I’ll certainly try), but even in the case that you’re adding a couple extra Seeker Droid dice in a turn, or even 1 extra, it can really add up in terms of value.

Seventh Sister and her ID9 Seeker Droids are really well costed, powerful, and reliable, and I expect her to see quite a bit of play come Empire at War. Let us know where you think she’ll end up and check back for more Star Wars: Destiny content in the lead up to the new set!