Battle for Glass City 2017 is a Formal Tier Swiss-Format Tournament.

  • Awakenings and Spirit of Rebellion are legal for play.
  • In accordance with the Fantasy Flight Games Tournament Regulations v11, the Judge and Organizer (same person) will not play in the event.
  • There may be any number of Marshals at the event, including zero.
  • No marshal will play in the event.
  • Battle for Glass City 2017 will use the most updated version (at the time of the event) of the Fantasy Flight Games official Star Wars: Destiny Rules Reference and Tournament Organization. Each participant requires a familiarity with these documents.
  • Matches will be 40 mins long.
    • When time is called, players complete the current round and then the match ends.
  • All cards must be in opaque sleeves
    • Characters and battlefields must be sleeved in a different color than those of the deck.
    • A player must have back up sleeves in case one in becomes frayed, torn, or otherwise unsuitable at the Judge’s discretion.
    • If this cannot be achieved then the deck is no longer legal and the player is disqualified.
  • Players are not allowed to have their phones out during a match.
  • Video and photos will be taken of the event by either employees, their contractors, and/or the official staff of Glass City Con 2017.
    • Individual interactions such as interviews or “deck tech” explanations will require a signed general media release from the individual, provided on-site.

The Mulligan Procedure for The Galactic Conflict

  1. Each player looks at their opening hand and secretly decides how many cards they wish to mulligan.
  2. Then each player set their hand, facedown, before them.
  3. Each player counts the amount of cards they will mulligan in credits, and then places that amount of resource tokens in one hand, all in secret.
  4. Each player reveals the tokens at the same time.
  5. The credits are placed on the table.
  6. Each player shuffles the mulliganed cards back into their deck.
  7. The opponent is offered a cut.
  8. The credits are returned to the Set-Aside Zone and each player draws back up to their starting hand size.

Sportsman-Like Conduct

A single player getting multiple warnings may result in ejection from the tournament with no refund. Depending on the severity of the infraction, the individual may immediately be ejected from the tournament or removed from Glass City Con entirely with no refund. There is a zero tolerance policy for cheating, defined on a case-by-case basis. In all matters, the Judge’s word is final.

Slow Play

  • Taking more time than would seem reasonable for deciding or resolving an action or gameplay activity.

Misrepresentation of the Game State

  • Not responsibly maintaining one’s side of the play area that is accurately represents the current game state.
  • Examples include, but are not limited to:
    • Keeping the contents of the Set-Aside Zone away from the play area
    • Not completely removing Resource tokens from the play area after using them.
    • Not keeping damage or shield tokens in clear view next to the appreciate characters
    • Not verbally or accurately answering questions about the common knowledge play areas.
    • Not exhausting or readying characters when appropriate.
    • Not clearly establishing which die goes to which card when there are multiples in play.
    • Not asking before handling another player’s cards or components.

General Lack of Respect or Courtesy

  • Offensive language.
  • Disrespectful treatment of another’s property.
  • Distracting the opponent.
  • Noticeable and/or sustained lack of hygiene.
    • A limited amount of sanitizer, hands wipes, breath-fresheners, and various body sprays will be available at the Judge’s table free to use between matches.
  • Additional calls may be added during the match at the discretion of the Judge.
  • Interfering with another player’s game.

Game Observation

  • Game observation is allowed at Battle for Glass City Con, with the following parameter.
    • If either of the two people playing the game request no observation, the observing parties must disperse. This can be reinforced or enacted by the Judge or a Marshal.


  • Each participant will have a completed deck list submitted upon registration.
  • Upon verification of the list, any perceived deviation in cards during the course the events will result in disqualification.

These rules are subject to change up until the start of the event. Any changes will be reflected on this page and will be broadcasted to our social media pages.