Jabba the Hutt, The Great and Mighty

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swd03_jabba-the-hutt Jabba the Hutt, The Great and Mighty

“This Bounty Hunter is my kind of scum, fearless and inventive”

Fear The Hutts

Welcome to the first day of our Yellow Card Week. Today we are covering the Great and Mighty Jabba the Hutt. Starting with his HP of 11 and 11/14 point cost, this card is full of potential with consistency and death for all who oppose him. Jabba’s die faces are 1 focus/ 1 focus/ 2 disrupt/ 2 discard/ 1 resource/ blank, now at first glance Jabba offers no damage at all but he is just as scary without damage faces as any heavy hitter. Jabba is a utility character who doesn’t need to engage in combat himself, he can hire others to not only do his dirty work, but he can blackmail your resources at the same time. Being a yellow character, Jabba gives your deck access to a lot of cards that will hurt the enemy and boost your board state as well as economy. A few dangerous cards are My Kind of Scum, Cunning and the deadly Crime Lord. But that’s not all the great Jabba can do to ruin your game, his special ability is a simple but punchy effect.

swd03_team-build-diagram_yellow Jabba the Hutt, The Great and Mighty

Don’t Underestimate Your Enemy

Jabba has a very unique special effect, his card states ” After you activate this character, you may reroll a Yellow die.” This effect is powerful because the effect does not specify your dice or an opponent’s dice. So Jabba is great for your deck when not matched up against an opponent playing Yellow cards. However, once you sit down across from someone playing Yellow, Jabba now has access to disrupting their dice now which boosts his mileage a lot. Do consider this effect, between his 2 focus sides and his effect, Jabba makes it very likely for you to see the card effects you need go off. Cunning and Crime Lord are deadly cards for Jabba because they allow you to either copy or steal other card effects for little cost or outright assassinate any character for 5 resources. A very common mistake is to underestimate utility cards and characters as weak since they don’t deal damage. But in Destiny there are many paths to victory, and damage is only a single path. Jabba opens up options for players to run decks that deal no damage, heavy damage decks with Jango and Jetpacks or choke decks with Vader. Jabba is not a powerhouse by himself though, but with the proper deck build as well as pilot, he opens the game wide up for lots of unique strategies and ways to mess with the opponent.

96-Go-For-The-Kill Jabba the Hutt, The Great and Mighty

Go For The Kill

Jabba the Hutt is a favorite of mine because he is so weird. You cannot look at him and have any idea what you’re about to see on the battlefield. He is well priced and can be splashed in with both mono color and rainbow decks. But his value comes greatly from the consistently terrible things he can do. If you need dice to show damage you can reroll them or use the focus faces to get exactly what you need. Or if you want to ruin the opponent’s hand or resources, Jabba knows a guy… I will say that having a 2 disrupt and 2 discard die face is no joke. The threat of losing 2 resources early turn or 2 cards is not something I enjoy having resolved against me at any point in a round. This forces an opponent to make decisions based on fear and not good strategy, leaving you with the advantage of controlling the flow of battle. Also consider this, Jabba does not have to pay 1 resource for those die faces while most other cards like Count Dooku have to pay for the exact same effect. Jabba truly lives up to his title on his card and I cannot wait to get him in a deck and play him at my FLGS.

Let us know in the comments below what you think. Do you fear the great Jabba the Hutt?

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