Destiny Launch and Release Party

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If you are like me then you are eagerly counting down the days until Destiny’s release, which at the time this article is being written is only two days away! In the meantime, I’d like to relate my experiences at the Destiny Launch Parties that I attended.

Destiny Launch Parties

I was able to attend two Launch Parties that weekend, both on the same day. The first party I went to was at a store that I had never been to before. This particular store had their party scheduled for a specific time slot. I arrived 2 minutes late and apparently I was the last one of the 24 people to show up! It goes to show you how excited people are to get their hands on the game. We all picked up our starters and were given the opportunity to purchase up to 6 booster packs and received a discount if we purchased all 6, which I imagine most people were going to do anyways.

Since I was the last to arrive it seemed that most people had already started playing, but I saw someone who did not have an opponent and introduced myself. He had not played Destiny before but had his starter and was all ready to go. Having played demos and about 10 games on Tabletop Simulator, I taught my opponent how to play and we had a good time together. I play a number of LCGs in the Toronto area and saw a lot of new faces there, so it’s exciting to think that the Destiny community will be large and prosperous.

Something that did taint my first Launch Party experience was that the store owner claimed that he could not give out the promos because of the cost of the kit. Instead, he raffled off two of the cardboard deck boxes and planned to run a tournament in January 2017 for a fee and give out the promos there. I was rather shocked to hear this and, after some discussion in our local Destiny group with the store owner, he has agreed that it was a mistake and has offered to give out the promos to anyone who was at the Launch Party.

After another game I left to drive off to my 2nd Launch Party, which was downtown. Unfortunately, the Santa Clause parade was on that day and I got stuck in traffic, turning my 35 minute drive into an hour and 20 minute drive, but finally I arrived! The Launch Party was in full effect, complete with a live stream table and a Kylo Ren cosplayer! The Launch Party stream can be found on Youtube on the VTTV Live channel at if you are interested. Again I was the last one to show up, picked up my starter and packs and ripped into them.

Across the day I managed to get a couple of Han Solos so I threw together a deck running Elite Han and Elite Rey. Admittedly I did not have much in the way of ambush, but I did have a couple of Infamous to help out. Compared to some of the other people who did not have enough characters to include with their starter to make a 30 point team, I think I was in a pretty good spot. I had a Vader as well and borrowed a 2nd die to whip up an Elite Vader Trooper deck, on a side note about that one, when you build a deck that relies heavily on strong character dice, don’t include the Starkiller Base as your battleground if you can avoid it!

I played three games total and had a blast in each one. Apparently I managed to beat a guy who was undefeated against everyone else, so that was a good feeling too! It was a great way to end a day that involved some frustration.

swd01_cardfan_01 Destiny Launch and Release Party

Looking Forward to Release

Only two more sleeps until release day! I am going to be heading down to my FLGS and picking up my order. I am lucky enough that one of the stores in my area is having a launch day tourney so I plan to head out to that one. It seems that a lot of local stores will be supporting the game so there should be plenty of places to roll my dice! I look forward to cracking some packs, building decks and then cracking some skulls. I hope that you all find the cards that you are looking for and perhaps I’ll meet you at a tournament in the future.

-John Gobeil