Las Vegas Regional Finalist Insight + Tournament Report

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Las Vegas Regional Runner Up

By John Bruno

I’ve been playing CCG’s and LCG’s for a long time, and the most fun (and stressful) time is tournament time and the grind leading up to the “big event” (whatever that is).  It’s always enjoyable to work with a small team and come up with a group deck.  For the San Diego Regional, I played Kylo2/Talzin and was one of the seven 6-2’s that missed out on the cut for the Top 8.  While that was a fun event, and I had a good time, I wanted more.  I wanted to make a cut and earn a playmat and the Thrawn spot-glass card.  So, the next day, I decided to go to the Las Vegas Regional and pre-registered online for the event.

Now that I decided to try my hand at another Regional, I had to decide what to play.  Thrawn is one of my favorite characters and had been playing at first with Thrawn/Kylo1 and then with Thrawn/Anakin (Rivals), but after San Diego, I fell in love with Talzin and wanted to play Thrawn/Talzin.  I loved this deck!  Using Talzin’s ability to set dice and Thrawn’s ability to make money and strip cards (and gain knowledge of what was to come and how the round would play out), was huge.  I had a lot of success with the deck, but, I felt it was too slow and would get hammered by faster, agro decks.  It turns out that it lost, A LOT to Hero Vehicles, and I expected more of those decks after the win in San Diego.

Vehicles seemed crazy good.  It felt like the best deck in the meta, but I don’t really like to play it.  It doesn’t fit my playstyle.  At San Diego, I saw A LOT of Obi2/Maz.  (I was 3-1 against it with Kylo2/Talzin).  It seemed more powerful than I had anticipated.  I played many games with Obi/Maz.  I liked that deck, but I also wanted to try a Sabine deck, without Ezra.  I tried to make Sabine/Lobot work (or some Red character to also get Retreat in the deck).  It didn’t work.  So, I switched to Sabine/Yoda.  Sabine is a lot of fun.  Her “cheat” ability is awesome and with Running Interference and Hyperspace Jump, the deck can be really good.  However, Sabine with only 1 die Yoda, is not that good.  My deck did well, but still struggled against Hero Vehicles.  Vandalize is not as good.  There are other cards that are not as good with only three character dice.  I really wanted to make this deck work, but I think the best Sabine deck is still Sabine/Ezra, and I didn’t want to play that deck, so, I went back to Obi2/Maz.

Obi2/Maz is very fast and with Obi’s 3 damage sides (just like Sabine’s), you can amass a lot of damage.  What makes it better is the ability to cheat more with Maz.  However, I played a very “safe” deck that built shields and did stuff with those shields.  The deck ran 2x Caution, 2x Force Illusions, 2x Riposte, 2x Ataru Strike and 2x Unbreakable.  The deck was just OK.  It would win about 60% of the games and still struggled vs. Hero Vehicles and also OTK decks.  It needed more mitigation, but also needed to be ramped up to do more burst damage and be more aggressive.  Also, I really wanted to include Running Interference to slow down my opponent and Hyperspace Jump to save myself from serious damage or to end the round when I was done dealing damage.  The thought of playing a Vibroknife, then activating Running Interference, then activating Obi-Wan, then activating Running Interference had me salivating.  But, rolling out Obi Wan, then rolling out Maz, activating RI, then playing Concentrate then playing RI, had me sold!  This combo was so crazy!!!

Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-10.46.58-AM-838x1024 Las Vegas Regional Finalist Insight + Tournament Report

Next, I had to decide which Upgrades to play.  Since I was not playing defensively, Force Illusions went away and I took out Heirloom Lightsabers and Handcrafted Lightbows for Force Speeds and Vibroknives to go along with Obi’s Saber, Ancient Lightsabers and Shoto Lightsabers.

As for Events, I added in 1 copy of Closed Quarter Assault, Hidden Motive, Loth-Cat & Mouse, Scruffy Nerf Herder, Hasty Exit and Guard.  All but Guard were crucial at some point over the day.  I never used Guard once.  I wish Guard had been an extra Hasty Exit or Scruffy Nerf Herder.  The 2x Events were all important.

Finally, add in 2x Running Interference and 2x Maz’s Vault for the money and you’re ready to go.


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