Mono-Colored Decks in Star Wars: Destiny

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There are three colors in Star Wars: Destiny, each with different themes, strengths, and weaknesses. Sure you could play a deck with multiple colors and potentially have the “best of all worlds”, but I’d urge you to consider trying a single colored deck. Color is handled quite a bit differently in Star Wars Destiny than in other card games. Instead of needing a matching resource to play cards of a particular color, Star Wars Destiny allows you to play any card in the game with a single resource type. Color restrictions are placed in the card text, requiring you to have a character of a particular color in play (Tactical Mastery), or allowing you to play an upgrade only on a character of a particular color (Kylo Ren’s Lightsaber). Many of the most powerful cards in the game have these restrictions.

These color restrictions can actually hamper a deck’s strategy quite a bit. Let’s say we’re playing Qui Gon Jinn and Princess Leia. We have some cards in our deck that require us to spot a blue character such as Use The Force, Force Throw, and Mind Probe. If our opponent is able to defeat Qui Gon first, all those cards are now only usable to re-roll dice. If our opponent defeats Leia first, we may lose out on being able to use great cards such as Hit And Run.

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In other games, a player’s options increase as the game goes on, and as you gain access to all of your colors of resources. However in Star Wars: Destiny, the longer the game goes on, the more likely it is that one or more of your characters have been defeated, potentially decreasing your options. That is unless you play a single color.

Why Play A Single Color?

I’m not saying that playing a single color is the best way to build a deck. However, along with being able to mitigate the issue stated above, you can take advantage of some powerful card effects. Power Of The Force is a card that lets you resolve a die treating its value as equal to the number of blue upgrades you have in play. This is a card that can have an extremely powerful effect, changing the value of the die to a maximum of 9, and often 5 or 6. While it’s possible to play this card in a multi-colored deck, it’s much easier to consistently make good use of it in a mono-blue deck. No Mercy allows you to discard as many blue cards as you want from your hand to increase a die’s value by the number of cards you discarded. It’s another card that is even better in a deck with all blue cards. Say something like this:

Darth Vader (1 die) or Count Dooku (2 dice)
Kylo Ren (2 dice)

Frozen Wastes

2x Sith Holocron
2x Immobilize
1x Force Choke
1x Lightsaber
1x Kylo Ren’s Lightsaber
2x Force Throw
2x Mind Probe
2x Hidden In Shadow

2x Isolation
2x Enrage
1x Intimidate
1x Deflect
2x Force Strike
2x Feel Your Anger
2x The Power Of The Force
2x No Mercy
1x Boundless Ambition

2x It Binds All Things


mono-colored-decks-1-300x167 Mono-Colored Decks in Star Wars: Destiny

Deck Strategy

Nearly half of the deck are “Blue only” or “Spot a blue character” cards in addition to cards like No Mercy, Power of The Force, It Binds All Things, and Force Strike that all benefit from having tons of blue cards in your deck. Being able to burst your enemies down with The Power Of The Force for up to 6 damage, No Mercy for up to 7 damage, or deal an immediate 2-3 damage from Force Strike will throw your opponent off balance. Frozen Wastes allows you to slow the game down in the first few turns so that you can build up your board of upgrades before your big swing turns. Strike when your opponent thinks they’re safe and you will come out ahead.

What do you think? Try out some mono-colored decks out and let us know how you fare in our forums!

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