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Destiny Launch and Release Party

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If you are like me then you are eagerly counting down the days until Destiny’s release, which at the time this article is being written is only two days away! In the meantime, I’d like to relate my experiences at the Destiny Launch Parties that I attended.

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Team Covenant Token Review

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Team Covenant were gracious enough to give me a set of Saga Tokens, and instead of racing out a review, I chose to get a good number of games in before I wrote this. I have since played about 20 matches using these and I can say I really enjoy them.

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Drive By

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Hello again Destiny fans. Rick here to discuss a few of the yellow goodies that were spoiled last couple of weeks from the various outlets including the lucky few that were able to attend the Destiny Preview Event held at the FFG Game Center.

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Jabba the Hutt, The Great and Mighty

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“This Bounty Hunter is my kind of scum, fearless and inventive” Fear The Hutts Welcome to the first day of our Yellow Card Week. Today we are covering the Great and Mighty Jabba the Hutt. Starting with his HP of 11 and 11/14 point cost, this card is full of potential with consistency and death for all who oppose him. Jabba’s die faces are 1 focus/ 1 focus/ 2 disrupt/ 2 discard/ 1 resource/ blank, now at first glance Jabba offers no damage at all but he is just as scary without damage faces as any heavy hitter. Jabba is…

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