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Carrie Fisher: A Born Leader

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Christmas: A season full of surprises. The best of these are exceptional gifts or visits from friends and relatives. The worst? More Y fronts. But when news broke on Christmas Eve of Carrie Fisher’s heart attack on a plane bound for LA, there was a sense of impending doom. 2016 is already infamous for bad news and celebrity mortality has been a big part of that. Things didn’t look good.

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Face 2 Face Games Toronto Box Tourney Report

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Face 2 Face Games, one of the local game stores in Toronto had a cool idea for a tournament. They took pre-orders for Destiny boxes and included free entry into this tournament for anyone who pre-ordered 1 or more boxes. Entry otherwise was $10 and you get a booster pack for entering, along with giving out packs as random prizes throughout the swiss rounds and more packs for the top placed players. Mind you I am an LCG player so this may be standard fare for CCG players, but regardless I like the format.

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Building Your First Destiny Deck

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If I had to give any advice on building a deck for any CCG I would say, build something you want to play. So many people focus on “meta”, power cards, expensive trades and things they may or may not enjoy, but the core premise of games is to have fun.

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Mono-Colored Decks – Part 2

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Playing a red hero deck gives us access to a whole load of powerful tools that can really bring the pain! But, the biggest reason to play an mono-red hero deck is that we get to play “It’s A Trap!”, one of the most powerful events in the game.

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Destiny Launch and Release Party

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If you are like me then you are eagerly counting down the days until Destiny’s release, which at the time this article is being written is only two days away! In the meantime, I’d like to relate my experiences at the Destiny Launch Parties that I attended.

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Team Covenant Token Review

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Team Covenant were gracious enough to give me a set of Saga Tokens, and instead of racing out a review, I chose to get a good number of games in before I wrote this. I have since played about 20 matches using these and I can say I really enjoy them.

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