Star Wars: Destiny’s Secondary Market

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Darth Vader sold at $75. Han Solo sold at $55. Crime Lord sold at $35. JEDI ROBES SOLD AT $9! These are some of the crazy things that happen during the launch of a new collectible game. I’d like to examine why you shouldn’t be one of the buyers.

secondary-market-1024x394 Star Wars: Destiny's Secondary Market

Patience, You Must Have

Now that “Launch Party Weekend” has come and gone, everyone is in such a rush to GET ALL THE CARDS, that they haven’t stopped to think “why?” The first official Star Wars: Destiny event is 5 and a half months from now at Spring Worlds 2017. That has a few implications. To begin, the secondary market for card games is generally determined by which cards are the most useful at major tournaments. We likely won’t have accurate data (or accurate singles values) for 5 months. Further, during these months, TONS of boosters will be opened, providing enough cards to bring supply in line with demand. Nobody needs to be rushing out to grab cards for an important tournament (because there aren’t any).

A couple concessions – Yes, there will be local tournaments with prize support during this time period. It’s possible that those events will give us a good idea of what cards & decks will be dominant in the meta-game. This could increase demand for certain cards, but it will still take time for that information to become reliable. Additionally, there are some cards which are obviously more powerful than others. Those cards should be priced accordingly, but I believe that the prices for ALL cards will come down in the coming weeks & months.

This Deal Is Getting Worse All The Time

If you purchased cards at the current prices, a Vader/Raider deck would cost you near the same as a Saga Set from Team Covenant (which gets you 1 copy of each legendary, and 2 copies of each rare, uncommon, & common for $300).

Supply is extremely low right now because the game hasn’t been released yet. Stores only received a limited number of booster boxes, and new product won’t be available until December 1st. But December 1st is less than 2 weeks away, and people will be opening thousands of booster boxes, flooding the market with their extra cards. You have little to gain by purchasing cards right now, and quite a bit of money to lose. Prices are already dropping every single day. There’s nowhere for singles prices to go but down, and I’d suggest you wait at least a month before shopping on the secondary market.

secondary-market-2 Star Wars: Destiny's Secondary Market

If you are willing to spend that kind of money on Star Wars: Destiny, consider going in on one or more booster boxes with some friends. You could work out a friendly draft format and have a great time while building up your collection. You may not be guaranteed a specific legendary, but each box guarantees 6, and every legendary is useful. Especially for new games, it’s always a good idea to support the game, your local game store, and your community!

Collectible games are expensive enough as it is. Enjoy the cards you currently have, pick up some booster packs on December 1st & have fun opening some new tools for your decks. Wait a little while before going on that eBay binge.

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