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Hello all! Welcome to my State of the Worlds series. The goal of this series will be to explore the top decks in the meta; how they fare against each-other, what are their strengths, their weaknesses, etc, in anticipation of the Star Wars: Destiny World Championships 2017 (which is happening in a few short weeks). This first article is really just a primer for the articles to come (beginning tomorrow).

Now, I’ll give you a bit of background about myself.  I am part of the Twin Cities meta, where FFG is headquartered. I don’t play as much as some, but when I do attend tournaments, I typically perform well.  Most noticeably, I have a Poe/Rey deck which has won 5 of 7 tournaments I’ve played it in, and has a combined record of 29-4. Most of these were normal weeknight Swiss tournaments, but I do have a win at a larger Win-a-Box tournament at Mead Hall (A local game shop).

Why am I telling you this? To provide context for my statements and beliefs.  I am a decent player, but I will be biased in favor of Poe/Rey, and biased towards how the Twin Cities meta views certain decks. I may say something that you disagree with, but one person only has so much time to thoroughly play each deck, so any one person’s knowledge is admittedly limited.  All that said, I hope I can offer you a good perspective on the state of the game, and what Worlds may be like.

Here are what I believe are the current top decks, in no particular order:

  • Poe/Rey
  • Han/Rey
  • Phasma/Bala/Trooper
  • Jango/Bala/Trooper
  • Vader/Raider
  • Jabba/Dooku

Now obviously there could be another deck that performs well elsewhere, but these are the decks that tend to have success in my local meta, and are what I can write about with some degree of knowledge.  Over the next couple of weeks leading up to Worlds, I will attempt to analyze each deck in turn, giving advice both on how to play with them, and how to play against them.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for a look at Phasma/Bala/Trooper. I hope you enjoy the series!

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