Sugi’s Tips For Worlds 2017

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Sugi here, and with Worlds right around the corner, I have some tips and tricks I wanted to share with players coming out to compete.

Be Prepared

First off, I know we have said this over and over, but sleep, water, and food. These three things are SO important to your success because your body needs them to function at a high capacity. Playing Destiny for 8+ hours is taxing and you’ll need your energy to play your best. Eating junk food isn’t really a great option for the fuel needed to stay on top of things either. If you can, eat a nice breakfast each morning so you can front load your day. Bring water and snacks and any dietary stuff you may need for the tournament. I have issues with low blood sugar and headaches so I keep a snack (protein bar) and a bottle of water in my backpack at all times. I also keep allergy meds, headache meds and some tissues in my backpack in case anything comes up for myself or someone near me. The point is: bring stuff you might not need, but be prepared. Worlds will be a lot of fun, but it will also be a long and taxing day on your physical and mental state.

Bring backup cards, sleeves and dice. If something goes missing, gets broken, or heaven forbid, stolen, you will need replacement stuff. Usually this doesn’t happen and that’s why players don’t bring replacements. But in that very RARE chance that something does happen you’ve gotta be ready. Most common issues are sleeves splitting. Like Jay said in episode 217 of our show, buy a 50 pack and you’re good to go with extras. Being ahead of the curve will allow you to focus on the tournament instead of worrying about replacing stuff if it breaks in the middle of the tournament. The tournament will eat up a lot of your time and focus, so having one less thing to be concerned about will increase your focus and chance to win.


This is a rather important topic to discuss. Please be a good sport when you play. There can only be one winner and I hope it’s someone who is reading this. But if you get a bad roll, or someone gets a god roll, do realize its only a game when everything is said and done. NOW, do know your rights as a player. Read the tournament rules. Know when you can call a judge if you think a player is cheating or playing incorrectly. It is BOTH player’s responsibility to make sure the game state is correct and both players are following the rules. If you make a mistake or miss timing you can ask the opponent to allow you to take back your move, BUT they do not have to. This is nothing against you but if you mess up that’s not their responsibility to remind you. If a player is playing too fast or doing things too fast you can ask them to slow down and explain their plays clearly. But on the other end of that spectrum, not everyone plays at your speed/level so if someone asks you to slow down or explain what you did, do understand they might need your assistance to see what your play was.

Trust Yourself

Congratulations, you are heading to the World championship for Star Wars: Destiny. Yes this is a big tournament and you are going to do fine. At this point you should have tested your deck and know it well or you haven’t. Like a test/exam there isn’t much more you can do at this point. So trust your skills and your testing and relax. I’ve seen players and even done this myself, slotting in new cards the night before or even changing decks! Don’t do this, please. You have spent a lot of time and preparation for this event and you should believe in your skill as a deck builder and player. Trying to compensate for that Jango/Veers you saw in the lobby crushing everyone is a false choice. Trying to make a decision based on a deck you see outside of the tournament is rather unimportant because you might never see that deck/player ever and that might not even be their deck for Worlds. I’ve seen players try to scope out their competition for a tournament and then make changes based on what they see the night before. However a good player usually plays with a good deck that’s not their tournament deck in casual games to throw off other opponents. So back to the original statement, believe in yourself. You have got this covered and we believe in you here at KoR!

Have Fun!

Once Thursday and Friday are over there will only be a top cut of X number players. If you didn’t make the cut, make new friends! Enjoy building and testing new SoR stuff. Come find us and hang out/play a game. There will be a lot of things to do while you’re out here, and we are more than happy to talk and goof off with you. But the whole point of these events is to come together and have fun as a group.

I am so excited to fly out in 3 days and meet so many amazing people. Please please feel free to come find me and say hello! I might be busy but I’m not too busy to stop and chat for a second with our KoR crew. And I must say a great and humble thank you to our Patreon members. We really wouldn’t have been able to do thins without your support. Thank you form the bottom of my heart. I am so passionate about this game and our community and you’ve blessed me in allowing us to be at Worlds and now we can bring you with us through our press coverage, so thank you very much.