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Hey there Star Wars: Destiny fans, FFG has been gracious enough to give us some cards to spoil, let’s take a look!

First up, we’ve got a common Yellow card that will look very similar to a common Yellow card in the Awakenings set. Loth-Cat And Mouse is a bit like a reverse He Doesn’t Like You, only for heroes. It costs 0, which is always great, but giving your opponent the choice in which die you must remove is a significant draw-back.

114-loth-cat-and-mouse NEW Spirit of Rebellion Spoilers

We’ve seen He Doesn’t Like You in almost every single Yellow villain deck, so this type of double-edged removal is certainly playable, however players will have to be a bit more nuanced with Loth-Cat And Mouse for it to have as powerful of an effect.

Even still, I suspect we’ll see this card in many yellow hero decks looking for more cheap die mitigation – Heroes are certainly lacking it at the moment. Although not possible in all situations, the drawback is somewhat mitigated if you wait on rolling your stronger dice until after playing this card.

One important thing to note is that you MUST have at least 1 die in your pool for your opponent to remove. The use of the word “then” means that the effect of the card can’t happen if the first condition isn’t fulfilled.

Overall, I think this card will see a moderate amount of competitive play. Many hero decks just need more removal effects, and though the drawback here is much more significant than He Doesn’t Like You, it still allows you to deal with your opponent’s most threatening die for zero resources.

121-salvo NEW Spirit of Rebellion Spoilers

Let’s move on to the next card, Salvo. Salvo is potentially quite powerful. When I look at this card, I’m inclined to compare it to Infantry Grenades or Thermal Detonator. In the case of infantry grenades, there are a couple points to consider: They both cost 2 resources; Infantry Grenades is an upgrade that can roll damage, resource, or it’s special, which discards it from play and deals 2 damage to each enemy character. So right away, if we choose to resolve a 2-ranged side with Salvo, it’s similar to playing, rolling, and resolving an infantry grenades special. We lose a card either way in the process, and the resource cost is the same, so we’re essentially trading the flexibility of an upgrade for consistency in the card effect. We’ll still need to roll ranged damage, but in most cases, rolling ranged damage across all of our dice is going to be easier than rolling a special on one of them.

Let’s then consider Thermal detonator. If we resolve 3-ranged damage with Salvo, we’re getting a Thermal Detonator special for 1 fewer resource (or 2 fewer if you roll the Thermal Detonator special that requires a resource to resolve). I can’t think of a scenario in which we’d play Salvo against a single enemy chracter, so we’re getting at least 6 damage, up to potentially 12.

Now, we’ve seen a couple of cards that have 4-damage ranged sides, and here’s where this card can do some work. Let’s say our opponent is playing Jango/Bala/Trooper or a similar 3-character deck. We’re playing a red/blue villian deck and use Salvo on Force Lightning’s 4-damage side, that’s 12 damage for 3 resources, the Stormtrooper and Bala are both half-or-more defeated, and we also get to take a big chunk out of Jango as well. We’re adding 8 damage to your die face for 2 resources.

This card obviously gets better the higher value die you’re resolving, and despite the blowout potential I’m not sure if it will see competitive play. It feels like more of a “tech” card if 3-4 character decks dominate the meta game. It also isn’t nearly as powerful if our deck can’t roll 3-4 ranged damage with some consistency. I, however, will absolutely be trying to Salvo an AT-ST‘s 5-ranged side for 20 damage against a 4-character deck.

Last up, the second blue legendary upgrade we’ve seen in the set & the second neutral Legendary card we’ve seen in the game – Force Speed.

055-force-speed-1 NEW Spirit of Rebellion Spoilers

This card is bonkers! For ZERO, you get a die with some pretty insane sides. 50% of the time you’re getting Tactical Mastery for free! The focus side is great, and a shield side is also solid for a zero cost card. Take Rey/anything in this example: Turn 1 we put an ambush upgrade on Rey such as Holdout Blaster. This gives us 2 actions due to the ambush & Rey’s ability. With one of those actions, we play Force Speed on Rey, gaining us an action (2 left). We can then roll Rey, and if we hit special on Force Speed, resolve it right away, allowing us to roll and immediately resolve our second character! Action1 of a game, we’ve just rolled out and resolved dice on BOTH of our characters.

I think a lot of the strength of this card comes in the flexibility it provides for our decks. In Vader/Raider, let’s say we have a Sith Holocron on raider. We’ve rolled out the raider and his holocron die is sitting on special. While using Holocron’s special on a zero cost card isn’t as efficient as say, Mind Probe or Force Lightning, swapping in Force Speed gives us a 50% chance of being able to roll and resolve Vader before your opponent can react to his insane dice. Then, every turn after that, when we roll out the Tusken Raider, we have a 50% chance at being able to resolve Force Speed on the Raider by discarding a card from our hand. That’s (on average) a free Tactical Mastery every other turn! With Vader!

I’m also looking forward to using Power Of The Force with this card. In Blue villain, this gives us the ability to play 4 zero costs blue upgrades in our deck, which can make it pretty easy to reach 3-4 blue upgrades on our characters within the first couple of turns.

I think that due to it’s flexibility, power, and resource cost, Force Speed will see significant competitive play, and I’m excited to see whats players will be able to do with it.

I’m really interested to hear what you all think about these cards, so let me know in the comments or on our social media.

Thanks for reading, and “May The Force Be With You”!

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