Taking The High Ground – A Chirrut Imwe/Mon Mothma Deck

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The preview events have come and gone, and we now live in a post-Spirit of Rebellion world, my friends! (Sort of.) Those events were a euphoric blur for me.  With my brother in tow, we hyperspace jumped from one event to the next along with many of our friends in our local Destiny scene. I would be remiss if I did not take a second to thank the stores that participated in SE Michigan, what an awesome weekend! When it was all said and done I had access to roughly a box’s worth of cards. Among the legendaries we scored were two Handcrafted Light Bows, and among the characters were two copies of Chirrut Imwe. Twist my arm, why don’t you?!

chirrut-lightbow Taking The High Ground - A Chirrut Imwe/Mon Mothma Deck

I will freely admit that when I first saw Chirrut’s Destiny incarnation, my reaction was a solid “meh.” At first glance he seemed to have a reasonable ability and HP for his point cost, but his messy die and an unfortunate upgrade restriction detracted from his appeal compared to other characters in Spirit of Rebellion.

Still, I wanted to experiment with a character build 100% sourced from the new set, so I began going through the options and discovered that elite Chirrut with elite Mon Mothma gives you four dice for 30 points. Excellent.

Unlike Chirrut, I had no doubts about Mon Mothma’s power level. I’ve played more than my fair share of Luke/Ackbar and thus have a healthy respect for Red support characters with Focus sides. Chirrut needs all the help he can get with his unreliable dice, so that seemed to be a good fit. On top of that, her ability looked bonkers -level-good to me. I quickly traded for a 2nd copy of her die and set out to brew up a list. Here’s the current version:

chirrut-mothma Taking The High Ground - A Chirrut Imwe/Mon Mothma Deck

The Strategy

The two pillars of this deck are it’s speed and dice fixing capability. Its speed comes from cards like Hit and Run, All In, and Collateral Damage, as well as Ambush upgrades like Holdout Blaster, and it’s highly touted cousin, Vibroknife. The dice fixing is all Mon Mothma. Imagine the following scenario to get a feel for what we’re talking about:

Hit and Run activating Mon Mothma -> use Mon Mothma’s ability to reroll one of her red dice (since Hit and Run is a red event) -> activate Chirrut with your free Ambush action -> use Chirrut’s ability to reroll any dice in your pool showing blanks. If you hit a single Focus side on Mon Mothma’s dice during this process you could play All In on the following turn to Focus Chirrut’s dice and resolve damage.

Since our plan has us claiming the battlefield more often than not, we’re taking full advantage by running Defensive Position, Dug In, and the new event, High Ground. You should definitely inform your opponent that “it’s over” when you play the latter. They won’t get tired of that, trust me!


kGSWBbC Taking The High Ground - A Chirrut Imwe/Mon Mothma Deck

Speaking of battlefields, I listed Imperial Armory but it’s far from the only option. The new battlefield Secret Facility also contributes to our goal of shortening our turn duration. Other attractive options include Maz’s Castle for hand sculpting, Otoh Gunga for healing, and Carbon-Freezing Chamber for dealing with terrifying character dice like Emperor Palpatine and Poe Dameron. Keep an open mind and take your local post-Spirit of Rebellion metagame into consideration once it becomes established.

Shiny New SoR Cards

Journals of Ben Kenobi

041-journals-of-ben-kenobi Taking The High Ground - A Chirrut Imwe/Mon Mothma Deck

FFG gave Blue Heroes a 1-cost upgrade! At first glance those three blank sides and it’s Unique status might have the Price Is Right fail horn sounding in your head, but consider that a) Chirrut gets a free reroll on blanks b) they aren’t so much blanks as sides that read “draw a card” and c) it’s still a 1-cost Blue upgrade. It helps you ramp up to your Handcrafted Light Bows, which we should probably discuss next.

Handcrafted Light Bow

039-handcrafted-light-bow Taking The High Ground - A Chirrut Imwe/Mon Mothma Deck

This card is sick and is perhaps the best reason to play Chirrut since his dice are so compatible with it. Dealing with shielded characters? Not for long! Needless to say, when you resolve special option #2 for effectively five damage, it feels fantastic. 

Collateral Damage

120-collateral-damage Taking The High Ground - A Chirrut Imwe/Mon Mothma Deck

Like All In, this helps us get dice out of our pool in a timely manner. It doesn’t let us focus + resolve at the same time, but it costs zero resources and even disrupts one from your opponent!


103-guard Taking The High Ground - A Chirrut Imwe/Mon Mothma Deck

When focusing Chirrut’s dice, the default option is the two melee side because it represents the most damage, isn’t a modified side and becomes unblockable with a Vibroknife die in the pool. This is relevant to Guard as it means you aren’t necessarily telegraphing it when you focus. It can be a tough decision to give up two damage to remove two dice, but it can also be a game winning decision.


130-overconfidence Taking The High Ground - A Chirrut Imwe/Mon Mothma Deck

This card takes a little bit of getting used to, but I like it, especially in this deck. It excels at dealing with those pesky Blue Ability upgrades with multiple Special sides that Chirrut apparently hates and wants nothing to do with. If there isn’t a blue die of your opponent’s in need of disruption, via Mon Motha’s ability after you play this, you gain the option of rerolling one of your Chirrut dice.

High Ground

128-high-ground Taking The High Ground - A Chirrut Imwe/Mon Mothma Deck

As powerful as it is straightforward.

Force Misdirection

116-force-misdirection-1 Taking The High Ground - A Chirrut Imwe/Mon Mothma Deck

OK, you caught me, this is an Awakenings card. However, it’s worth mentioning that Chirrut’s erratic dice ironically make him the ideal character to run this event.

Thanks for reading!

If you have any ideas on how to improve the list, I’d love to hear them. I’m 9-3 with it so far but it’s really hard to gauge anything at the moment with everyone experimenting with incomplete collections. Thus, I make no claims when it comes to this deck other than it being a blast to play, but there’s a lot to be said for that! I do wish I had found a way to include Determination, as that card is so flexible. Time will tell.

Like everyone else, I’m incredibly excited to mess around with other characters once this set officially launches. Now go forth and remember your Mon Mothma triggers!