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This Is Your Destiny

Welcome to the new website. It is my pleasure to welcome each and every person who reads this to an amazing site created with love by a lot of people who believe in this community and game. Star Wars Destiny will be launching very soon for the world and has probably launched already for those lucky enough to live near the FFG HQ.  But if you have not yet gotten to play and are getting ready for your pre-release party at your local FLGS this article is for you. I am the Media Director from the Knights of Ren podcast and we have gotten a lot of exposure to the game, rules and want to share some of the best practices we can to give you the best game experience possible.

This is not meant to be a meta defining article or one that makes you a professional level player. But it is here to offer insights and guides in order to help increase the fun you have and decrease mistakes you want to avoid. So lets jump right into it.

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Winning The Battleground

If you have not yet read the rules, stop reading this article and click the link to the FFG rules reference :
Now that we are up to speed, a couple things stand out that a lot of new players ask us on Facebook and our Discord channel that I want to clear up.

“Do I have to resolve all my dice at the same time?”

-No you don’t. If you have 3 dice showing Melee damage, you may resolve them one at a time in 3 different actions if you desire. However when you resolve a die face, you must resolve at least 1 or more when you take the “Resolve Dice” action.

“Can I play light vs light or dark vs dark decks?”

-Absolutely. This game is a “what if” kind of game. Or even easier, imagine it similar to Super Smash Bros. You can play as whoever you want and get to fight whoever your friends want to play. The only limit is the 30 points you can spend on character dice.

“How do damage dice work when I resolve them?” “Can I split the damage on my dice up?”

-Jay explained this best. Imagine you have 3 dice. One has “1 melee damage”, another has “2 melee damage” and the last die has “3 melee damage” showing. You take the “resolve dice” action and choose to resolve melee damage. Now imagine those 3 dice as packets. You may split the packets up however you choose, but the entire damage in a packet must go to a single target. So you can allocate the 1 damage to Darth Vader and the other 2+3 damage to a Stormtrooper. Or 3 damage to Vader and the 1+2 damage to the Stormtrooper. You could NOT split the 3 damage die face into 2+1 or 1+1+1 among different targets, all 3 damage must be allocated to a single enemy character.

“What does remove a die mean? Is the die removed from the game?”

-The term remove a die allows you to take a die that has been rolled, by you or your opponent, and put it back on the card it came from. This does not remove the die from the game, but just for that single round. Removing a die is powerful because you can pick a die from your opponent or yourself (usually your opponent) and get rid of their options.

“How does claiming the Battlefield work?”
-When you take the action “Claim the Battlefield” you take the Battlefield card and place it in front of your deck. You may choose to resolve the Claim ability printed on the card if you choose. And now the rest of the round you must take the “Pass” action until your opponent also passes on their actions. What this does is allow you to be the first player next round as well as access a powerful ability. The Battlefield stays under your control until the opponent takes the “Claim the Battlefield” action. If both players pass consecutively then the round ends and whoever has control of the Battlefield keeps control.

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Use The Force

If you plan on going to a pre-release event I highly recommend calling your FLGS soon to verify the event. Some stores have not been able to get their products and have pulled their events. Once you have the day and time planned out I want to offer a few helpful tips I have found over many games to be helpful. At the start of the game you will roll your dice NOT to determine who goes first, but to determine who picks the Battlefield. If you win the roll off you decide which Battlefield is chosen for this epic duel. After that decision, the owner of the chosen Battlefield will go first and the person whose Battlefield was not chosen gets 2 shields. This is a common error and for good reason, most people are used to rolling for first player in any game. However, Destiny does not play by the normal rules so be aware of this when you begin the game.

The card drawing mechanics of Destiny are powerful for the players but also a double edged sword. At the start of the game, before the roll off mentioned above, you draw 5 cards and may send any number back to your deck and then redraw back up to 5 cards in your hand. At the end of each action phase you may discard any cards in your hand and then draw back up to your hand size (This can be larger than 5 cards). This means when you play cards you are going to be able to draw more so your hand is always full of options at the start of a turn. The downside is that a deck is comprised of 30 cards, and if at any time you have 0 cards in your deck and 0 cards in your hand, you lose the game. This means that as a player you cannot just throw away cards freely, but must be wise in when and how to play your cards.

The best advice of all that I can share is to have fun. If you need help understanding a rule, ask someone. If you don’t quite understand how something works, experiment and ask for help. The community for Destiny has some of the nicest people I have ever met and I believe that when you go to your pre-release event, many of them will be there with you. If you are looking for resources for this game we have plenty to offer you below. These are people we are working with to help teach and expand this amazing community.

Knights of Ren Podcast:
KoR Discord channel:
Team Covenant YouTube:
Tiny Grimes Games Youtube:

If you have any comments or questions, leave them below and I’ll be more than happy to answer them. Now get out there and have some fun with Star Wars Destiny! 🙂