Three Man Meta – Episode 4 “Attack of the Meta”

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In this episode the guys discuss decks they’ve been testing with the new Spirit of Rebellion cards, they give their opinions on the prizes up for grabs at the 2017 FFG World Tournament and finally talk about the Athena Games League and why you should consider starting your own at your local store.

Athena League Details

Star Wars Destiny Spirit of the Rebellion, is almost here, and to celebrate and help build the community we will be running a 5-week league for the game.

In this league, players may engage in league sanctioned games in the store at any time during the week, although the official meet-up for the league will be on Monday nights at 7:00 pm.

There are the following restrictions on league games:
-No more than 5 games a week.
-You may only play an opponent once.

Players will be issued a match card as soon as they have paid the entry fee. You will use this to track your wins and losses for your five games. If it is their first time in the league, they will also be issued an achievement tracker.

Earning Points
There are a few ways you can earn points in the league:

Coming to the League Night: 1 Point
Winning a Game: 2 Points
Losing a Game: 1 Point
Meeting an achievement: Varies.

Along with your score card you will also be given an achievement tracker, you can find a copy of the achievements and their point value here:…evements.pdf?dl=0

Achievements are one-and-done, they cannot be repeated for additional points across the 5 week period of the league. This is to promote a variety of decks in play.

Entry Fee

£1 per week, so if you were to play in all 5 weeks, it is £5 total. You may pay for multiple weeks up front. However, please do not forget to pick up your new match card every Monday.

Participation – All players who participate, will be awarded an Alternate Art First Order TIE Fighter card.

Winner of the League – Kylo Ren and Acrylic Resource Tokens

Highest Achievement Score – Acrylic Resource Tokens

2nd and 3rd – Kylo Ren Alternate Art Card

Wooden Spoon – Rey Box

One prize per player.