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Tokens are a big part of Destiny. You’re going to struggle to play without them and as the game grows in popularity, the number of third party providers of tokens grows with it. And it’s fair to say that, with product still proving hard to come by you’ve probably got some Destiny marked money burning a hole in your pocket. You might have been lucky enough to bag some official FFG acrylic resources in a Q1 tournament but you’ll still be packing cardboard damage and shields. That isn’t going to cut it for the prerelease. Let alone Worlds!

You need to seriously upgrade your token bling.

Lucky you. I’m here to help.

As I said, third party manufacturers of tokens are popping up all over the place. Just a cursory glance at a Destiny based Facebook group will give you dozens of options and that’s a great thing. It gives you the perfect opportunity to express yourself with whatever designs you choose. I wish I had the time and resources (get it?) to cover them all but I’ve opted for 6 of the best to show you, hopefully giving you a chance to get a feel for how well they work and what they’re like to play with.

Panda Post

tokens-panda-post Token Gesture

First up are Panda Post’s tokens. They’re a company based in Europe and provide a whole host of gaming accessories including some beautiful deck box and dice solutions for Destiny that are well worth a look.

Their tokens are bright clear with a high quality feel and provide a new visual take on the existing cardboard designs. The resource token is quite large and is finished in black and metallic gold (not done justice by my photography I’m afraid) and looks particularly stylish. The damage counters are original, edged in red and very clear in terms of showing the damage dealt to a character. They’re also suitably small when placed on cards which means they don’t obscure much of the rules text.

I’ve received some very positive comments regarding these as I’ve used them. They’re original and vibrant, allowing you to bring quality and style to the playmat.

Criticisms are minor but they do feel a little thin in comparison to other tokens but this doesn’t hamper their resilience when being transported. They aren’t double sided, which would have been a nice touch as this means you’re going to need to turn them all the right way up to use them, but most tokens fall into this category anyway. The only other issue is that they don’t look anything like the original tokens. This is only a minor point but you might want to let an opponent know exactly what each token is for, prior to a game. Yes, you might well look at the picture and suggest this is self explanatory but you’d be surprised.

A set of these will set you back 13 Euros plus shipping from their online store. For that you’ll get 15 resources, 12 shields, 10 x 1 damage counters and 6 x 3 damage counters. Good value all round.

Curled Paw

tokens-curled-paw Token Gesture

Curled Paw Creatives work out of their Etsy store providing high quality acrylic gaming accessories and their destiny tokens do not disappoint.

These are solid, intricately cut tokens that certainly have a wow factor. The resources closely resemble the original design but are beautifully painted with white inlayed detail to make them stand out from the crowd. The damage counters are bright and clear, large dials with similar detailing that make the numbers obvious while the transparency of the acrylic allow for any text beneath to still be visible. The addition of a 5 damage counter stops your cards becoming cluttered, even when close to death, which you might see as a good thing.

But the real genius here is the shield token. A vivid blue shade with a hexagonal pattern that splits into three parts like a bee hive shaped jigsaw. I have to admit that I love this concept and I have enjoyed using the shields most of all. That said, they have led to some confusion during games. Opponents could rightfully argue that a full three shields actually just looks like a single shield which can be misleading. For this very reason, Curled Paw do offer the whole solid token as an alternative shield token itself in case you are worried about this becoming an issue in your games. Good foresight!

These beauties will cost you $12 from their US base (plus shipping). For that, you’ll get 6 resources, 3 split shield tokens (9 pieces in total), 5 x 1 damage, 3 x 3 damage and 2 x 5 damage. I’ve found that I could probably use more damage counters than that (largely because I’m a terrible player) but you might feel that’s enough (because you’re considerably better).

Micro Art


tokens-micro-art Token Gesture

Micro Art Studio ( are another European company who specialise in all manner of wargaming based products and their Destiny tokens are compact and resilient.

As with many of the other token manufacturers, Micro Art have gone with an original design for their tokens and produced 4 examples that are not much different in size to their cardboard counterparts. They’re produced from chunky, bright acrylic with the detailing carefully applied to the bottom of the token to allow deep, crystal effect to each one. The resource and shield tokens match the colours of the originals to avoid confusion.

While the small size of these tokens can be a big plus in terms of transporting them to games sessions, there are a few issues. The shields are excellent and allow clarity without taking up the whole card. However, the resources are small and sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of how many tokens an opponent might have available. The biggest issue though, is the damage counters. These are almost identical in size and colour. Since you have to look through the acrylic to read them, this often makes them unclear and can lead to confusion, which obviously isn’t good.

tokens-micro-art-2 Token Gesture

This is a shame because, for somebody wanting low key, small but high quality tokens, these are perfect.

These are available from their online store at 12.30 Euros plus shipping. You’ll get 9 resources, 7 shields, 9 x 1 damage and 5 x 3 damage.


tokens-slingpaint-1 Token Gesture

Slingpaint Gaming sell their gaming products on both StorEnvy and Etsy as well as providing content online for the gaming community. You may already be familiar with them and Berto from their videos. In fact, the first thing I want to let you know about is exactly how great their customer service was. If this is something important to you when placing an order then it is well worth considering that Slingpaint were second to none in terms of friendliness and communication.

Their tokens aren’t half bad either.

This is a completely alternative take on the token idea. All my other examples are acrylic but Slingpaint do things differently. These are metal backed and plastic covered, giving you a much more vibrant image and finish and providing absolute clarity regarding who has what resources, shields and damage. They also stand out from the crowd, in a world of bright plastic, these will turn heads whilst still proving very functional.

As you’ll see from the picture, there are alternative designs available for resource, shield and damage. This might give you a little more flexibility in regard to your style. When trying these out, I went for the alternative shield token and damage tokens but stuck with the traditional resources. But having the option is a big bonus and you can chop and change your desired style in their store, picking which you’d prefer.

tokens-slingpaint-2 Token Gesture

Another 5 damage token is welcome here. As said before, it stops your cards getting cluttered or having too many pieces on the board. The only real criticism here is that the tokens are quite big and can obscure things beneath them, but you can’t have everything.

I’ve found over prolonged use that the shiny metal bases underneath the tokens can become scratched but the faces of the tokens are very hard wearing and still look fantastic.

Slingpaint ask $22.99 for a full set of 6 resources, 6 shields 6 x 1 damage, 4 x 3 damage and 2 x 5 damage tokens but I would have a look at their store and pick and choose your favourites. There are new designs going up all the time and you can tailor your style to theirs. Another great bonus.

Applied Perspective


tokens-applied-perspective Token Gesture

Applied Perspective ( sell quality acrylic gaming aids through their online store and have jumped in on the Destiny bandwagon with a set of robust tokens that have attracted some attention on my local tables.

Their damage tokens are large and bright, again going with a 5 damage option, and they scale up according to the damage they represent. Good, clear indicators and a chunky, rounded feel to the tokens makes them attractive additions to the table. The shield token is the traditional shape of the original and is nicely cut to make the visor clear. I haven’t had any issues with these but a few people have commented that they would be concerned about them breaking or snapping in half. Whilst I can see their point, one of the biggest selling points of these particular examples is the thickness of the plastic itself and I don’t think this would ever realistically be an issue.

The real beauty of this set though, is the resource token. The bright yellow contrasts well with the black acrylic and it’s so satisfyingly cut and rounded that it’s a pleasure to see two new ones pop up at the start of each round. It almost feels as if this is the token FFG should have made for their promos and in all honesty, I prefer them.

Applied perspective don’t sell these as a full set but 10 x 1 damage, 5 x 3 damage and 3 x 5 damage counters are $18. 5 resources are $6, as are the shields.

Broken Egg

tokens-broken-egg Token Gesture


If you’ve seen any tokens on tables already, chances are you’ve seen these. They’re certainly one of the most popular choices out there and it’s no huge surprise.

The fact that all of these are double sided is a huge bonus. Specifically aimed at either a hero or villain palette, you get control over the dark or light style of play. This obviously links beautifully with the game as a whole but also gives you the equivalent of two sets of tokens in one.

But it isn’t just this value that makes the Broken Egg tokens so appealing, the quality of the design and manufacture is clear to see. The acrylic is satisfyingly thick and the images are clear and original without being confusing to your opponent. These really do look excellent on the gaming table and will be sure to prompt opponents to ask about them.

For some of you, they may seem a little ‘busy’. I know some gamers want simple and straightforward tokens. If that’s the case then these are probably not for you. My only real gripe with these is that you need to spend time turning them all to the correct side each game before you use them otherwise the mix of designs can be confusing. But that’s a small price to pay for essentially having two sets, and two sets of beautifully detailed tokens at that.

If you wanted some of these, a full set of 35 will set you back $25 plus shipping.


tokens2 Token Gesture

Well there you have it, a roundup of the brightest Destiny tokens the galaxy has to offer. There are plenty more options out there and the list is growing week by week. Just remember to take into account shipping cost and import taxes. I’ve tried to offer a range of options here from the US and Europe but, as always, hidden costs can make items significantly more expensive so look into it before ordering or drop these companies an email to ask for advice.

I hope to back in the near future with other Destiny related product reviews but until then, may the dice roll with you.

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