Unkar’s Misfits

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We’re in a new era for Star Wars: Destiny. The game has changed drastically. 

The age of non-interactive games is upon us.  A veritable Combo Summer for Destiny.  The main reason: Fast Hands.  It’s the best card in the game by a mile.  Every character has become a way better version of Tusken Raider

150-Fast-Hands Unkar's Misfits

(You get a Tusken, YOU get a Tusken, EVERYBODY GETS A TUSKEN!!!!!)

oprah-tusken Unkar's Misfits

It can’t be disarmed, if you bounce it with Imperial Inspection or Confiscation, who cares, it costs 0.  And as a control player, it makes me cry a little on the inside. 

(You think I don’t see you too Rey?  You think you’re so clever, working with Ambush actions?  I hope your errata is coming!) 

It’s not all doom and gloom for us though!  I just don’t want you to be upset when Poe with Fast Hands hits you with a Thermal Detonator first turn or when Rey gets a Force Speed and Vibroknife, rolls Qui-Gon and his you for 8 unblockable, before you even start the game. 

I believe control can overcome, Unkar’s here to save the day!  And it’s a good thing cards like Maz and Fast Hands exist, because decks that play fair don’t stand a chance against him.

If you haven’t gotten a chance to check out our deck tech video, you can check it out here:

And here’s a decklist.

Here’s the basics on how to play the deck: 

Roll your Tie Pilot.  Every turn, you should be trying to Disarm your opponent’s best upgrade or Loose Endsing them.  Plus, the big die sides are great for Unkar’s ability. 

Control their dice with your events and the Royal Guard.  Control their upgrades with Imperial Inspection, Disarm, and Confiscation.  Control their hand with Friends in Low Places, Interrogation Droid, and Unkar’s ability.  Control their resources with Salvage Stand and Unkar’s disrupt.  And hit their deck with Loose Ends and No Disintegrations when you can. 

I go back and forth between 1-2 Salvage Stands.  Try cutting 1 Confiscation for the 2nd Stand.  Or, if you really want to be crazy, you could cut both No Disintegrations and play 2 Con Artist and 2 Salvage Stands.  I’ve just found No Disintegrations to be more reliable than Con Artist most of the time, especially with opposing Imperial Inspections that end up resetting the special, along with this burst-damage meta, where Unkar might unexpectedly perish. 

Blackmail is your ideal card to start with and probably the strongest card in the deck.  It will put pressure on your opponent from the get-go.  The safest place for it is on Unkar, behind Hunker Downs or Armor Platings.  However, it’s strongest on the Tie Pilot because you can remove their resources with Unkar’s disrupt and then roll in your Blackmail unhindered.  The best part about Blackmail in this deck is the fact that you have 3 character dice with focus sides.  If your opponent ever lets you keep the Blackmail die in play, you can reroll all of your other dice to hit focus, turn to the 3 discard, and destroy their hand. 

Don’t worry about claiming too much, but claim when you can.  This deck has a really high roll when deciding the battlefield and you’ll usually want to take Otoh Gunga.  Healing a damage can sometimes be worth leaving a few dice in play. 

The most difficult part of playing this deck is always being aware of how your opponent is going to kill you.  Do they have Caution into Riposte? Make sure to get that Armor Plating down on Unkar before they use that Force Speed special they just rolled.  Are they going to claim Throne Room on Poe to Thermal you? Maybe safer to just Electroshock that 1 Poe die they have left. 

Right now I think the good matchups are:

Palpatine, 3 Death Trooper, other mill decks, Jabba/Unkar Crime Lord. 

Then there are the burst-damage dependent matchups:


poe-maz Unkar's Misfits

This matchup will depend on how early and often they can fire off Thermals and U-Wings.  They have a lot of high cost cards that will give you lots of resources with Unkar.  If you can rip the right cards out of their hand and off the top of their deck, you should be in decent shape.  Make sure to protect your Tie Pilot in this matchup and use your Loose Ends as soon as you can. 


vader-raider Unkar's Misfits

There are a lot of different versions of this deck that have sprung up since Spirit was introduced.  The version with lots of 2-cost upgrades (Force Training, Force Choke, Immobilize) will have trouble keeping them in play and should be a good matchup.  The version with Bait and Switch, Force Strike, and lots of low cost cards will be a more difficult road to hoe.  (A Neat Trick: I like to keep 1 No Disintegrations in my opening hand to discard to Vader on the first turn.)


quigon-rey Unkar's Misfits

This is probably the worst matchup for the deck.  It’s winnable if you can get their Vibroknifes (Vibroknives?) early with your discard.  Always try to stay out of range of Synchronicity and Riposte while eating as much damage with the Royal Guard as possible. 

There are exactly a million and a half decks in the game right now, so you’ll have to test against the ones I haven’t mentioned.  I don’t think this is the deck that would take down Worlds if it were tomorrow, but I do think it’s one of the best control decks in this heavy aggro meta. 

Staying positive,