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Star Wars Destiny has been revealed and pre-released to the general public. We have finally had time to play the game, trade cards and discuss all kinds of things. But this game has so much potential as well as reach for all ages and game players. Welcome to one of the best tabletop and card games I have played all year. I am totally excited to teach my friends how to play and see our local community not only grow, but help each other out in learning the game. This article is all about Destiny for the newer player, providing some of the best resources available to enhance their gameplay experience. If you are a card game veteran or brand new to the game, there is a lot to absorb. Fantasy Flight Games have created a wonderful game that is fun, fast and as deep as you decide to dive.

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If you are just discovering the expansive world of Star Wars Destiny I highly recommend watching the video above as your first step. This offers lots of excellent game coverage as well as game mechanic explanations and what each die face means and does. This is a great place to begin your Destiny journey.

The next two resources I recommend for players to use are the Destiny Rules sheet and the Rules Reference PDF. The Rules sheet is the same document you will open up when you buy any of the starter decks. It’s a double sided paper that covers all the basics of the game including: actions, dice, winning, deck construction and more. This is the perfect place to get your first few games rolling with your friends. Once you’ve gotten the basics of the game down, I recommend reading the more in depth Rules Reference. This document will cover the details from the Rules sheet with lots specific details about each part of the game. This also includes an FAQ about generic questions as well as specific card rulings and interactions.

These three resources are the best place to get yourself started in the expansive adventure of Star Wars Destiny. Once you understand the rules and gameplay there are some more resources on the web available to complete your training.

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Team Covenant is an excellent video resource to see more about cards, decks in play, deck construction and actual games of Destiny in action. Knowing all the rules is a good place to begin, but seeing the game in action is so valuable. Learning interactions, timings as well as gameplay through videos is a great way to understand the game better. If you already have product in your hands, these videos can also help answer questions you may have about how the game works. So these videos can be used as learning resources or a reference point for any player.


Team Covenant also goes into each color pie with cards they enjoy. These videos are a lot of fun because you can see a card with Team Covenant’s thoughts about how to use it, play with it or play around it. This is helpful to create an environment to brainstorm ideas for cards and decks and which ways you can use them. YouTube is a great place to find content to help explain Destiny and expand your understanding and knowledge of the game. Do be aware that not everyone has quality content or valuable information. So when you’re watching or searching for more videos, be aware that some places are much better than others for reliable and useful content.

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swd03_normal-vs-elite Welcome To Star Wars Destiny

This game is so much fun to play. During the pre-release event I made new friends, met old friends and enjoyed more than just playing the game. Learning and knowing the rules is important to enjoying Destiny, but investing in knowing the Rules Reference will really take the game to a whole new level. Destiny is a fast game with fun interactions. But between the lines, there is a deep and intense game for players to explore and enjoy. Deck building, card effects, dice rolling and Battlefield claiming is much more interesting with knowledge and understanding of the game. No matter how old you are, experience with card games or how many games you’ve played, Destiny has something to offer you. So use these resources, ask questions and make new friends each time you visit your store or play a game at home. This game has a huge community with a lot of people ready to play games and help those with questions or ideas they need to test out. So welcome to Star Wars Destiny, we are very excited to play games with you.

A few more resources to help players with any questions or ideas are listed here:

Knights of Ren Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/8z5mKRB
Tiny Grimes YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyGXHChyrL8tOKEwlQrq3bg/videos